Your Guide to Healthy Bowel Movements

Anytime you pass a thick substance from your body, you release a bowel movement. The movement consists of feces, which some call stool. The texture of the stool ranges from a thin liquid that looks like chunky soup, to a thicker and more solid texture. The stool consists of undigested food and other things that your body expels because it cannot digest those foods. Depending on how often you eat or the type of food that you eat, you might experience multiple bowel movements one day and only one movement the next day. What is Constipation? Constipation is a medical term that relates to stool. Some think that if they go one day without having bowel movements that they naturally suffer from constipation. In actuality, once daily movements are only common in a small number of people. If you actually suffer from constipation, you should experience one or more of the following symptoms.

• The inability to produce a bowel movement in a 72-hour period
• Two or less bowel movements over a period of seven days
• Pressure in the lower abdomen or midsection
• Forcing a bowel movement
• Painful or uncomfortable movements

Changes in Movements. Experiencing changes in your movements is a natural part of life. Irregular bowel movements often occur because you made some changes to your life. Increasing the amount of fiber that you eat might result in more frequent movements, while eating a diet heavy in meat and protein might result in a reduction in movements. You might even find blood in bowel movements. While this sometimes relates to a medical problem, it can also mean that you tore your anus or rectum. A small amount of blood is nothing that you should fear or worry about.

Remedies for Constipation. If you suffer from constipation, then you might consider using something that helps force a movement. Water-soluble fiber is just one example. Use fiber supplements or a fiber powder that you pour into your favorite drink. Fiber increases the size and texture of stool, which makes it easier for your body to pass that stool. You can also find laxatives that help the body produce a movement. Some get constipation relief by eating fresh and cooked fruits and vegetables for several days. The fruits and vegetables remove blockage from the digestive tract and increases the chances of producing a movement.

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